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The Great Fandom Cross-Pollination Project

Re-inventing the Wheel... Not!

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This community is about bringing together different flavors of science fiction and fantasy fandoms and their histories so as to help everyone get a better appreciation for what has gone before, what is going on, and what might come to pass. Not only in one area but across many fandoms.

From the list of fannish terms Roxanne Graham-Smith has been maintaining at http://www.smithway.org/fstuff/other.html, I get this definition of Timebinding

"The human trait involved in the passing on accumulated knowledge to new generations, which in turn makes it unnecessary for each new generation to 'reinvent' the wheel and allows that generation to use the wheel as stepping stone to invent something else. Robert A. Heinlein, in an early GoH speech, claimed fans did this particularly well. [Her] listing of fan terms is an exercise in timebinding."

Recently I've come to realize that as science fiction and fantasy has grown in general popularity, so has the diversity of fandoms. Rather than try to create "One ring to bind them all" or to elevate one form of fandom as superior to all others, I'm interested in bringing the different folks together to share in our commonalities and to celebrate our differences. While the community may be more than timebinding in the strictest sense, I hope the spirit of timebinding carries us forward together.

Membership is open to all fans of all fandoms. The only real rule is that posts calling another fandom or its devotees nasty names will be deleted and repeated posts of a flamey sort by the same person will get that person booted from this community.

Your humble and obedient servant in not re-inventing the wheel,