That Word Grrl (formerly BetNoir) (thatwordgrrl) wrote in timebinding,
That Word Grrl (formerly BetNoir)

Coming to fandom as a collective experience

I honestly and truly believe that for fans who are Of an Age with me, Star Wars was a watershed event. Not just in terms of being one of the first mainstream SF movies, but in terms of an environment where we had our very first exposure to SF *as a collective*.

To this day, I distinctly recall how the entire audience reacted to seeing this movie. Seeing SF portrayed in a realistic manner on the screen for the very first time. And having that moment of 'Oh-My-Ghod, there's this thing called SF I knew nothing about and I want to know about it' with everyone else around me...I think it makes a difference.

I never felt that I was the Only One who got it. I always instinctively knew that there were others out there Just Like Me. Because, well, I'd had that epiphany with an entire movie theater full of people.

I am curious if other fans of my age (41) or younger feel this same way.

I've never understood fandom as a proud and lonely thing. Am I the only one who feels this way?
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