barbarakitten_t (barbarakitten_t) wrote in timebinding,

long ago in a galaxy far, far away

forgive this babbling attempt to untangle the skeins of yarn that comprise my mind:

the summer of 1991 seems like another life to me...i got my first real internet account (by begging a guy in the library science department...because at the time only secretaries and faculty/grad students had regular university internet accounts...i was a mere library employee). (the closest i had come before that was an account on PLATO...) it was the summer heather (daughter) was getting was totally remote and i was in a very weird space and very lonely.

i picked up a bunch of former IMSA geeks who taught me how to use usenet and let me hang around with them (i was in my mid 30's at the time and, even though it was weird, they were pretty accepting)...and my life changed. my paradigm shifted.

beige_alert showed me alt.callahans and i was first post didn't get archived...just the response to it did...

nothing good lasts, and i don't hang out much in alt.callahans any more...however, i have friends from there that i still love and i see them in other places...and i go back just often enough to know that there are people there i still love.

callahans also broke my heart once or twice...didi springs to mind.

nromally, i keep callahans in my heart and don't bring it up like a hairball to torment people, but i am going to the campbell conference in lawrence, ks and that's just down the road from topeka which is home to matthew "slash" peterson and i am planning on meeting him.

so, i went back and looked at some posts from the olden days...and i cried.

comments are being made in my personal journal...if you are interested in reading them
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