Blind Geoff (blindgeoff) wrote in timebinding,
Blind Geoff

Gaming Geekiness...

The other day I found numerous acronyms swimming thru my brain; to my shock a pair of them collided: IRL crashed head-on into LARP. From the smoldering wreckage was pulled...

Real Life Role Playing! The dazed creature was reading the old "Dragon" cartoon with the D&D characters playing "...Papers & Paychecks. We pretend to be students and workers in an advanced, technological society..."

So, fellow Timebinders, what RPG (existing or not) is RL for you?

Blindgeoff's is F*tards & Fundiots, the game where you try to manuever the twisted labrynth of Corporate Stupidity, avoiding the wandering Cow-Orkers, and searching for Personal Fulfillment.
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