_darkvictory (_darkvictory) wrote in timebinding,

Worldcon! Worldcon!

Denvention will be my second Worldcon. I had a wonderful time at my first, LAConIV.

The best thing about it was meeting such an amazing variety of fans. One of the downsides of belonging to a long-established local club is that it feels like everyone has done everything a zillion times before, so when I say, "Hey! Wow! Look at that!" they say, "Ho hum I've been doing these since 19__ did I ever tell you about the time ..."

Whereas I still giggle over

- meeting a rocket scientist who's dressed as Carmen Miranda.

- Having a notable and notorious old pro grab me in the elevator and give me a large, conspicuous hug, kind of out of nowhere.

- talking to people who you would swear have read every thing by everybody.

I'm really excited about going and I hope to make a suitable contribution of my own personal weirdness to the occasion.
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